Brooklyn South CERT is an all volunteer organization.  
We need your support.
Your contribution is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
Please help us help you.

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Send your tax deductible contribution to:

      Brooklyn South CERT
      1419 Dorchester Road
      Brooklyn, New York 11226

Brooklyn South Community Emergency Response Team, Inc.
is incorporated pursuant to the NYS Not-For-Profit Corporation Law and has been granted an exemption from Federal Taxes pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, we can accept contributions which are tax deductible by the donor
CERT CENTER  1419 Dorchester Road (Corner Marlborough Road) Brooklyn NY 11226
Team Chief: 917 348 1704            brooklynsouthcert14@gmail.comhttp://www.BrooklynSouthCERT.commailto:brooklynsouthcert14@gmail.comshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1


Here is a list of equipment & supply items your CERT Team would like to obtain.  The Team will use donated funds to purchase as many of these items as we can.  If you have any similar items that you can donate, or, if you think of things that would be useful, please contact us. 

We need your support!

Communications Equipment & Supplies

1.  HYT hand held Radios

2.  HYT lithium batteries

3.  “Gotenna”

4.  CERT Banner

5.  BSCERT Promotional Mugs

6.  BSCERT Signs & Labels

Medical Supplies

1.  Backboards

2.  Towlettes, Antiseptic

3.  CPR Kits

4.  Nitrile Gloves

5.  Quick Clot

6.  Self Sticking Wrap Bandages

7.  Slings

8.  Sterile Gauze Bandages

9.  Surgical Sponges

10. Tourniquets

11. Triage Tags

Tools, Equipment

1.  Bicycles  (fully equipped)

2.  Binoculars

3.  Brooms (interior & exterior)

4.  Chain Saw (small)

5.  Cribbing & wheeled bag or suitcase

6.  Flashlights

7.  Flares

8.  Ice Chopper

  1. 9. Shovels (snow & regular)

  2. 10. Geiger Counter

  3. 11.Generator (gas fired)

  4. 12.Gloves (work & white traffic)

13. Matches, Strike Anywhere

14. Megaphones

15. Pry Bar (large)

16. Traffic Wands

17. Warmers (hand & foot)

18. Whistles (police type)

AV Equipment

(For Training & Community Outreach)

1.  Kindle Paper White

General Supplies

1. Energy Snacks

2. Freeze Dried Meals

3. MRE’s  (Kosher)

4. Bottled Water

Misc Equipment & Supplies

1.  Metal Storage Cabinet, Locking

2.  Milk Crates/Clear Bins

3.  Shelving Units

4.  Trailer, Small Box

5.  Hand Truck (folding)